A complete collection of Brian F. Taylor's original publications as published through LULU. Buy direct from the Lulu website for quality printed books. Many of the titles are also now published by Universal Octopus and available online through bookstores like Amazon and the Book Depository.



Booklet £3.99

For Humanity, Memory has come to replace understanding. This is why current conflicts in our world cannot be resolved. Memory cannot, of itself lead to Understanding. It can only shape Points of View. These are endlessly subject to change. Real Understanding only comes into existence with DIRECT SEEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. As soon as it enters Memory, it is already subject to revision. Because it has become detached from Seeing. Reconciliation is rediscovery in the LIVING Present of sameness, our real (and eternal) identity. Direct Seeing of shared Suffering replaces identifiction with differences and a true response can arise ''What can we do together to stop CAUSING this suffering now?'' STOP WORLD WAR THREE BEFORE IT STARTS. 


Pocketbook £6.99

NEW PUBLICATION Western civilisation’s TOP FOUR CAREERS in today’s WONDERFUL, unstable, dangerous world . A world awash with Wars, Pharma Mafias, Priests and Lunaticks. Full of SPLENDID OPPORTUNITIES for SELF-MOTIVATED men and women... (40 pages, booklet, colour)Read more...

Jehovah's Footprints

Pocketbook: £7.99

How It All went Wrong!

Previous Lives & Astrals

Pocketbook: £9.99

NEW PUBLICATION This book contains results of investigations into previous births, the activities of astrals and practical time travel; that is attempted verification of past events.These things are not accessible by the normal ''tools'' of investigation. (270 pages) Read more...

CENTRE The Truth about Everything

Original Pocketbook: £7.99

All Life is One. It is not only the multiplicity it appears to our five senses. This is the source of all the the problems we humans have experienced forever. However no amount of argument and discussion can resolve the issue for us. What we need is direct experience of the way things are. Inside every living being, including plants, is the Centre of the Universe. By humans, it can be accessed and investigated and the Truth realised. Once and for all, beyond all doubt. Although, it has no material substance and therefore will never be perceived by scientific instruments which are designed for perceiving material forms, it does have a location. It can be perceived by the mind's eye at the centre of gravity of the human body, exactly where the breathing is felt to rise and fall. Learn how to access the Centre. How to understand it. How to use it. How to enter it forever. (230 pages)Read more...

The Universal Octopus & Mr Tao

Pocketbook: £3.99

How Mr Tao met the Universal Octopus and set up house together in the Centre forever. (26 pages)Read more...

Vajras Dorjes

Paperback £5.99

An investigation into the nature and creation of vajras (dorjes) and their method of use. Research into how far they (and places} can provide a link between our world and any other world. (48 pages) Read more...

Waves: Dhamma Talks & Poems

Paperback: £6.99

A sample of intuitive, spontaneous Projects, Poems and Talks to support our treading of the Noble Eightfold Path to Nibbana, the end of Suffering. Read more...


Blondin and Other Poems

Paperback: £8.96

These poems are the bubbles that stream away from the stern of the small boat of life as it crosses the vast ocean of being. Fragile, inconsequential bubbles of livingness. Oxford's colleges and ghosts. The Far East's hunger for life and concrete jungles. Theravada monks still proclaiming in the Buddha's own words, ''All things are suffering, all things are impermanent, all things are not self. Nibbana is the Highest Happiness.'' There is the contrast between the teeming multiplicity of living beings and the utter freedom and stillness of the Unconditioned State that runs like a crack through the Universe. Through this crack beings escape from the burden of becoming. Through it they return again. From one lifetime to the next. From one moment to the next. (222 pages)Read more...

Blindness Kindness

Pocketbook: £5.39

Each tentacle that used to be anonymous
is now by mutual consent autonomous.
They may behave at first a bit like fools
but they'll get better when they know the rules. (52 pages)Read more...

Going Out There Is No Other

Paperback: £6.95

The shadow of the gnomon
slides at a steady rate.
Even if the dial is ancient,
the time itself is up to date.
Though the train sleeps in the station,
the sun just will not wait.

And the ever-moving sun
and the clocks that tick and chime
are the chains we use to bind our minds
and imprison them in Time.

Time has no bird, no scythe,
no power over man or Fate.
Having wanted to be early,
we decide that we are late. (108 pages)

Coming Back There Is No Trace

Pocketbook: £6.44

I am a patch of sunshine on the path
(said the tiger)
dappled and hard to see.
The forest is quiet and waiting
(said the tiger) no need for fear of me. (126 pages)Read more...

Oxford Blues

Paperback: £7.99

Oxford: bones and stones, churches and vivisection laboratory. Peaceful gardens, rivers and quadrangles. Relentless efforts to squeeze the money out of its alumni. Drifting ghosts looking for peace. Drifting students looking for a place in a disintegrating world. Beauty inherited from the past. Deliberate ugliness bequeathed by the present. Vice Chancellors once men of God. Currently a man chosen because he is good at making money. A footprint of your world and mine. (122 pages)Read more...

Bamboo Leaves

Paperback: £7.47

Disabled beggars with plastic begging cups; Ferraris, a snow white Bugatti Veyron and a swimming pool filled with ice for New Year's Day; westernised nose jobs, lady boys and budget sex changes; Ghosts and Spirit Doctors; mediums offering lunch to the spirits that possess them; body snatchers lurking below motorway bridges; menus offering one-day dry pig and son-in-law's testicles. Temples thundering out their message that all this is impermanent, not-self and suffering. (250 pages)Read more...


Paperback: £14.24

Sigmund Freud, a dull man, started off conventionally, as dull men do, with cocaine, electrotherapy and hypnosis. Things became more exciting though when he moved to the second floor and had a realisation rivalling that of St Paul. (66 pages) Read more...

Gnomonic Verses

Paperback: £9.99

Clusters of English “unofficial” roses
have climbed the fence to face the sun.
Each in its crimson finery supposes that it,
alone, is the only one. (260 pages)


Worm's Eye View

Paperback: £9.57

Cartoons from Underground. Old friends (and new ones). ''Where the bee stings, there I hurt... How poignant!'' ''Daddy certainly didn't buy me a bow-wow.'' ''Listen kid! When I say schmoo I mean schmuck. Geddit?'' ''Teacher has changed ma sobriquet!'' ''When I said I was going to Heaven, they put me on muesli, Ivy. They mean well. Ivy. They really do.'' Amy's mum says men do it on purpose.'' ''According to our records, I died today..'' ''You play Red Riding Hood. OK. OK. And I'll provde the animal interest. OK.'' ''On Sunday afternoon I play croquet with David Bowie.'' ''You scratch my back and then watch out!'' ''A stitch in time before you leap, eh Jonah?'' ... (320 pages)Read more...


Buddhist Pali Chants

Booklet: £3.99

Buddhist Pali chants with English translations for use by students in Meditation Retreats. (24 pages) Read more...


Pocketbook: £6.50

War in the Far East and the Middle East. Suicide bombers. Riots on the streets. Gaols and Psychiatric hospitals full. Soaring crime. Racial hatred. Violence in the schools and in the home. Economic meltdown. A world in trouble? Yes. Here is the answer. Simple, straightforward. Open to any man whatever his background. Easy to understand. (70 pages)Read more...

What is Buddhism?

Booklet: £1.75

Buddhism is a method by which one can put an end to the suffering in this world.
When we find the whole universe, mind and body, unsatisfactory, and let it go, it falls way from us and we experience total Peace and Happiness. This is a state which has always been there. It is not Death. Death is the end of something. Nibbāna is not the end of anything. It is a state without a beginning and without an end. (10 pages) Read more...

The Living Waters of Buddhism

Booklet: £1.75

Buddhism is the cool water of the universe It is refreshing. It sustains the holy life. It revives the parched heart of man.

''The purpose of the Holy Life, its goal, is unshakeable liberation of mind.'' Buddha: Middle Length Sayings, Sutta 29. (18 pages) Read more...

The Five Buddhist Precepts

Booklet: £1.75

If these precepts were kept throughout the human world, it would make an unbelievable difference. There would be no war, no serious crime, and no need for money to be spent on armies, policing, courts of justice or prisons.
If we were wholeheartedly to adopt these five precepts and live our lives by them, we would no longer cause suffering to other living beings by our actions.

In this way we would normalise our relationships with others and the world around us. (16 pages) Read more...

Buddhism and Drugs

Booklet: £5.99

Drugs are substances that lead men to carelessness about their own bodies. These become sick and degenerate. Judgement is impaired and men make mistakes in their work, their driving, their relationships wih others. Their families and dependents too are affected by the errors of judgement which result from their carelessness. The Buddha pinpoints that it is the carelessness resulting from taking drugs that causes errors in our thinking and behaviour. This carelessness is avoided if the cause, the drugs themselves are given up. (42 pages) Read more...

Basic Buddhist Meditation

Booklet: £5.99

The aim of Buddhist Meditation is the realisation of Nibbāna. Nibbāna is eternal peace and happiness, free from any suffering or unsatisfactoriness. There is nothing higher or better than Nibbāna. The method is similar to focusing one’s attention, minutely, on the detail of the images that appear on the cinema screen. If one can restrain oneself from being drawn into the story of the film, one comes to see that all these pictures, which succeed each other so rapidly, are none of them real; the fire is not hot, the water is not wet, the heroine is not a real girl.Becoming disenchanted with the illusion of it all, suddenly one sees the screen behind it. Clear and bright and free from distracting images. Similarly, when one becomes disenchanted with the endless flow of phenomena at the sense doors, one has a sudden direct experience of Nibbāna. (42 pages) Read more...

Dependent Origination

Booklet £2.50


The Ten Fetters

Booklet £2.00

A translation and explanation of the Ten Fetters, the Buddha's teaching on what binds us to the Sangsara and suffering. How to become an Arahat. (24 pages) Read more...

The Five Hindrances

Booklet £4.99

A translation and analysis of the Five Buddhist Hindrances which are obstacles to the practice of the Path which leads to the end of Suffering and rebirth in the Sangsara and to Nibbana. (44 pages) Read more...